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Accreditor training was traditionally delivered through a one-day F2F event each year but  driven by a need to reduce time and travel commitments, we now take a different approach and run a series of online training and open sessions for accreditors to drop-in to as and when they can.  The webinar format for the training is typically a presentation on a specific topic followed by a Q&A session. Drop-in sessions, with no set topic, are each an hour long and open to all accreditors, Committee members and anyone interested in becoming an accreditor, everyone is invited to bring questions and issues they would like to discuss with others in the CASE community.  Details of the 2024 sessions and recordings of past webinars and presentations can be found by clicking the button below.

Mandatory Training Requirements:

  • New accreditors should complete relevant on-line learning* and then attend a debrief discussion with committee members within 12 months of being accepted as a CASE accreditor. 
  • Experienced accreditors should attend new update training online (synchronously if possible). If unable to attend synchronously they should review the recording and attend a drop-in session to enable discussion with committee members within 12 months of an update.
  • If no update training is planned, experienced accreditors should attend at least one drop-in accreditor session every two years. 
  • All accreditors should attend debrief meetings for any accreditations that they are involved with. 

New accreditors may be invited to a debrief meeting to observe, if there are no conflicts of interest and the accrediting team and committee feel it appropriate.
NOTE: debrief meetings should be planned as soon as possible for approx. 2 weeks after the accreditation event. These allow accrediting teams to discuss their draft accreditor report, recommendations and conditions and provide a learning opportunity for the team as well as help ensure consistency across accreditations.


* As a minimum, the initial training includes viewing the following presentations:

  • New Accreditor Training (2023)
  • Shadow Accreditor Training
  • Assessing Clinical Support & Clinical Components
  • Principles of Focused Course Accreditation
  • Complexities of the Wider Ultrasound Landscape
The above sessions can be accessed from this page, it is also recommended to view the other sessions when possible and the online Lecture for new accreditors available below.


Additionally, CASE can offer small-group and 1:1 training on an ad-hoc,

virtual basis for those requesting it so if you have any training needs then please do contact us with your requirements.

On-Line Training for New Accreditors

An on-line training lecture entitled 'The Role of the CASE Accreditor in the Accreditation Process' has been developed to give new accreditors an understanding of what their responsibilities are.

The lecture covers topics such as documentation review, the accreditation event and giving feedback.

Audio is included, running time is 26:40 minutes


Thank you to CASE Training Lead, Gill Harrison, for providing this material for CASE.

The handouts for the lecture are also available to view below.


2019 CASE Accreditor Day

The last face-to-face CASE Accreditor Day was held on Tuesday 14th May 2019 at City, University of London and was well attended by members of the CASE community including accreditors, course leaders, Committee members and others interested in the work of CASE.

CASE Accreditor Day, 14th May 2019

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