Documentation Requirements

A Checklist for the Programme Team

Programme Teams and Course Leaders should use one of the following checklists to ensure they have covered all the necessary elements for the Accreditors to review.  The checklists should be completed and sent out to the Accreditors with the full documentation to make navigation around the various documents easier.


New Programmes
Documentation requirements for a new pro[...]
Microsoft Word document [37.6 KB]
Existing Programmes
Documentation requirements for an exisit[...]
Microsoft Word document [36.9 KB]
Focused Courses
Documentation Requirements for Focused C[...]
Microsoft Word document [31.7 KB]


You may also find it helpful to look at the checklist the Accreditors will use while assessing your documentation which can be found at the top of the Accreditor Guidelines page. These also cover the different requirements for BSc and DE courses.



Course Leaders should be aware of the following statement to reinforce the use of the documentation checklist and to highlight the matter that poor documentation can cause a delay in the process:



CASE accreditors undertake this work in addition to their substantive roles. To ensure timely and effective accreditation processes documentation should be complete, in a logical order with clear indexing and sent in a timely manner. 


Inaccurate, incomplete, contradictory or disorganised documentation takes an enormous amount of accreditor time. CASE will no longer be able to review substandard documentation. Programme teams will be asked to follow the guidance and complete the documents to an acceptable standard otherwise, this may delay accreditation.

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