Accreditor Guidelines

Documentation Review Checklist

When carrying out a new accreditation or re-accreditation event, whether it is for a full prgramme, a change to an exisiting programme or a focused course, it is essential that the documentation is reviewed thoroughly from the start to help identify any issues or areas for discussion.


A checklist has been compiled to help and is available to download below.

Accreditor tick list - document review.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [152.0 KB]

The Programme team should have provided you with a completed checklist to signpost the relevant information within their documentation.  If you have not received one, do ask them to complete one of the forms available on the Documentation Requirements page.

Conditions, Recommendations & Commendations

Advice on providing a balanced and fair assessment.

Sample Agendas

The below agenda examples for accreditation events are provided for Accreditors to use and adapt as required.

Full Accreditation - Joint University/CASE Event
Exemplar Agenda - Full CASE University [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [229.3 KB]
Full Accreditation - CASE Event Only
Exemplar Agenda - Full CASE-only Accredi[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [189.5 KB]

Debrief Meeting (Post-Event) - Accreditors & Committee

Following each accreditation event and before the initial accreditors report is shared with the Programme team, the Co-Accreditor must arrange a call with the Education Officer and members of the Committee to agree recommendations and conditions so that fairness and equality is applied across all courses. This also ensures there are no surprises for the Committee when they are asked to approve the final report.


Please see the process below for guidance:

Debrief Mgts_Accreditors Cmte Members v[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [123.9 KB]

Interim Review Guidelines

Each newly accredited course (other than a focus course) is required to have an interim review around two years after the initial accreditation so that CASE can check the course is being delivered as expected and to offer an opportunity to talk to students, teaching staff and clinical staff.


These guidelines are provided to help CASE Accreditors when carrying out an interim review.

Guidelines Interim Reviews v1 (0819).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [154.8 KB]

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