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This information is provided for Programme Directors and Course Leads who are seeking accreditation or re-accreditation, developing new courses and/or who need to complete the annual programme monitoring review (APMR).

Apply for Accreditation




Application forms for (re)accreditation and approval of changes plus information on fees, timeline of events and focused courses.

Mapping Standards & Learning Outcomes

All programmes and courses applying for (re)accreditation are required to evidence their compliance to CASE standards through a mapping exercise.

Documentation Requirements




Make sure your course documentation covers all the information the Accreditors need for the review.

New Courses

Looking to get a new course accredited but unsure if it will meet CASE standards? Begin by refering to the  Handbook for guidance and see the standards and learning outcome requirements above.

Position Statements

CASE has published a number of position statements which may be relevant to your accreditation.


Advice for completing the Annual Programme Monitoring Review is now available.

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