Accreditation Event Timeline

To give you an idea of what timescales to expect, the sequence of events leading up to, and following, an accreditation event can be summarised as below. Please refer to the CASE Handbook for further details.




12 months prior to anticipated event

Institution informs CASE of intention to seek accreditation using the current application form from this website

CASE appoints a Lead Accreditor to manage the validation with the Institution

4 months prior to anticipated event

Institution confirms event date with CASE

2 months prior to event

Institution sends final programme / course documentation as follows:

  • electronic copy to the CASE Co-ordinator
  • hard copies to the Lead Accreditor, Co-accreditor(s) and Shadow Accreditor

1 month prior to event

Issues raised by the accreditors are made available prior to the event

Validation Event

Attended by Lead Accreditor and a Co-accreditor

Within 1 week after event

Headline report outlining major issues issued

Within 1 month after event

Full written report (to include the issues raised by the CASE Accreditors) from the Panel including the conditions and recommendations issued

CASE independent report on a specific proforma from the Lead Accreditor (signed by Co-accreditor) submitted to CASE Co-ordinator

No later than 3 months after event

Documentation addressing conditions and recommendations submitted by programme team to the Panel and CASE Lead Accreditor

CASE meeting after event

Lead Accreditor submits report for consideration by CASE Committee

Institution formally notified of outcome of CASE accreditation by letter from the Committee Chair.


Focused courses and change approvals do not usually take as long although timing of the Committee meetings can effect the date the final outcome is known.


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